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기술영업 (Sales representative) 5년 이내 경력직 채용
   기업명  포스코리아㈜   대표자명  헨릭위볼트
   업종  제조업(전자/전기/반도체/디스플레이)   자본금  12 억 만원
   매출액     사원수  15
설립년도  1994년   상장여부  비상장
홈페이지  http://WWW.FOSS.CO.KR
포스코리아는 분석장비의 선두주자인 덴마크 포스업체의 한국지사입니다.
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최종학력 대학교(4년) 모집기간 채용시 마감 등록일 2019-02-12
학력 경력 연령 성별 채용인원 우대조건
대학교(4년) 1년이상 무관 0명 해당없음
     채용분야 IT/정보통신/인터넷 - 기술영업/마케팅
     고용형태 정규직


기술영업 경력직
     근무지 경기
     경력 1년이상
     모집기간 채용시 마감
     모집인원 0명
     최종학력 대학교(4년)
     연령 무관
     연봉 면접시 협의
     외국어 우대 해당없음
     상세자격조건 Would you like to take on an influential role as Industry Sales
Manager and embark on an incredible and challenging
journey? Then this is your opportunity to be part of our highly
skilled and ambitious teams! FOSS is growing fast and you
will play an important role in making the success continue.

## Primary tasks

- 담당업무 : 식품/사료/육가공 분석장비 기술영업
- Develop the business and sales of the FOSS solutions in all
segments for the total solutions
portfolio including on-line and at-line solutions.
- Experience of Top-Down approach
- Sales of analytical solutions to new and existing customers,
achieving sales budget and set
Customer satisfaction targets.
- Establish the annual business plan and execute the plan for
All segment.
- Maintain CRM/Pipeline records updated and accurate
records with respect to prospects,
pre-implementation planning/proposal preparation, sales
calls, quotations, pricing, etc., using
CRM (SAP) system.
- Provide input to marketing/sales with respect to competition
and competitive pricing including
products, applications, new product development etc.
- Participate in trade shows and travel as necessary to cover
the territory.

## Qualifications

- 경력 : 5년이내
- 학력 : 이공계 4년제 졸업 이상
- 우대사항 : 영어능통자 및 동종업계 경력 우대
- Knowledge of the Food/Agri business and top decision
makers access would be appreciated.
- Competency in computer skills, including Microsoft Office
suite applications such as PowerPoint
and Excel required.
- Proven experience in Value Based Selling (benefits and
profit enhancement proposition).


- FOSS is the world’s leading producer of innovative analytical
instruments that monitor and control
food quality. We provide solutions that improve customers’
business by running a sustainable and
profitable operation while helping deliver high quality
products for consumers.
- We live in a world with a fast growing population and to meet
the growing demand for food, the
global food production will have to increase by 60 per cent by
2050. The world’s population is becoming wealthier and the
global middle class is growing, which create new food
This means the food producers need to find smarter ways to
make the best use of our valuable
resources and to eliminate food waste. At FOSS, we have
the know-how to help companies
address these global trends and turn them into opportunities
- in a way where sustainability and
good business go hand in hand.
- The family-owned FOSS Company was founded in 1956.
FOSS headquarters are based in Hillerød,
Denmark and development and production takes place in
Denmark and China. FOSS products are
marketed and sold through a global network of sales
subsidiaries in 30 countries. FOSS employs
around 1,400 highly qualified employees worldwide.
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이력서에 긴급 연락처, 응시분야, 희망연봉 기재 요망.
     제출방법 온라인지원 메일
     전형방법 1차전형:서류  2차전형:면접
     복리후생 차량/식대/통신비 지원, 4대보험, 건강검진, 체력단련비, 휴가비 등
     키워드 기술영업
     담당자명 인사채용 담당자
     문의메일 info@foss.co.kr
     주소 (463-070) 경기 성남시 분당구 야탑동 342-1

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